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Visiting OYC

Reciprocal Docking at Olcott Yacht Club

Welcome to the Olcott Yacht Club. The entrance to Olcott Harbor is 43.34 N 78.72 W.  Upon entering the Harbor, the OYC clubhouse is on the right.  Please tie up at any available spot and check in with us (weather permitting).  During regular hours, the OYC staff or the Officer of the Day will be happy to assist you.  The docks in front of the club are temporary and any seas from the north prohibit their use.  If this is the case when you arrive, please proceed upstream to the Newfane Town Marina leaving the shoal markers to starboard.  Hail the club on channel 16 for assistance.  If you are unable to reach us, tie up to the large floating dock and check in with the Marina office.  Tell them you are a reciprocal visitor of the Olcott Yacht Club and they will direct you from there.  They may keep you there, give you a slip, or have you raft off another boat.  In the case of rafting please offset spreaders and use plenty of fenders.  Any rafted boat must be ready to move at all times.  Please treat your host boat in the same way you would treat your own.  If you are given a visitors tag, please display it in a window visible from the dock.  You may stay for 1 or 2 nights free of charge, depending on availability.

There are restrooms and showers at the Marina and at the OYC clubhouse, too.  Check at the Marina office and the Club for key codes.  The Club offers full service dining with wonderful entrees and a fantastic sunset view.  You will feel comfortable in our casual atmosphere and we invite you to make yourself at home.  Please note that cash is NOT accepted in the bar or restaurant; MasterCard or Visa only, please.  Check our events calendar or with a member or staff as there is always something going on at OYC (May - October).  So we may better assist you, let us know you’re coming ahead of time!  Contact the OYC Harbor Master, Joe Higgins, at for dockage information or call the Clubhouse phone: 716.638.4378.

OYC Docking Policy

Overnight docking by Club members and reciprocal yachtsmen is allowed, provided skippers spend the night aboard.

Olcott Yacht Club recommends that boats never be left unattended.  If skippers choose to ignore this recommendation, it is understood that the skipper takes full responsibility for any ensuing damage to the vessel and/or the docks.

Boats will not be left unattended overnight without approval by the harbor master or a member of the Board of Directors.  Even with such approval, skippers are responsible for damage to vessel and/or Club docks.  Should the haul-out slip be needed in an emergency, OYC reserves the right to move any vessel docked there to another location at our docks.