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$700 per year

$350 2022 New Members
$250.00 Initiation fee


Age 23 and older

$420 per year

$210 2022 New Members
$150.00 Initiation fee


Under age 23

$210 per year

$105 2022 New Members
$150.00 Initiation fee



$175 per year
$0 Initiation fee

Dues & Initiation Fees are as listed above plus applicable taxes.

* Membership in this category is non-voting. If these members choose to change membership to Senior or Associate they will be charged the initiation fee same as new membership applicants for the respective category.


Olcott Yacht Club offers a quality Club House, full service amenities, expansive grounds and docking facilities to bring your family and friends to enjoy a Yacht Club atmosphere and activities.  We offer several different levels of membership, which are available to both boat owners and non-boat owners.  We’re a 15 minute drive from Lockport and 45 minutes from the greater Buffalo area.

We offer three (3) categories of membership.  Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age and older.  All categories of membership are considered either single or family.  If the membership is a family membership, the member of record and their partner living in a spousal type relationship, shall be entitled to a membership card and all rights and privileges, except as limited and restricted by the provisions of the Constitution.

A spousal-type relationship for the purpose of membership classification shall be defined as two people living as man and wife under the same roof. Additional definitions per the Constitution, Article II are:

  • Boat Owner – Any person who shall have a legal or equitable title to a watercraft 20 or more feet length over all based within a 50-mile radius of Olcott Yacht Club.

  • Family shall be defined as one or more adults living in a spousal relationship in the same domicile and their unmarried children under the age of 21, 23 if still in school.

SENIOR membership at OYC is required for those persons who are Boat Owners or non-boat owners who choose to apply for Senior membership.


  • Senior members shall be entitled to have any rights, title or interest in and to the property and assets of the club

  • Shall have one vote, weighted as (3) at all membership meetings

ASSOCIATE membership at OYC shall be those persons who are not Boat Owners.

Associate is divided into two categories based on age:

  • Under 23 yrs of age

  • 23 yrs of age and over


  • Shall have one vote, weighted as (1) at all membership meetings


  • Associates under 23 yrs of age may not hold office on the Board of Directors

NON-RESIDENT membership at OYC is a non-voting membership, may not hold position on the Board of Directors, and shall be those persons who otherwise qualified for membership, providing that within a 50-mile radius of the Club that person does not:

  1. Conduct a business or is employed.

  2. Reside or vacation for more than three (3) weeks during the open season of the Club.

  3. Or is a Boat Owner

If these members choose to change membership to Senior or Associate they will be charged the initiation fee the same as new membership applicants for the respective category.

OYC is a working club and we do most of the upkeep ourselves.  We require our Senior and Associate level members to contribute a minimum of 10 work hours per year to assist with our special events, committees, grounds beautification, building maintenance, etc.  This not only adds to the camaraderie but also keeps our dues fees very affordable.  Hours not completed are charged at a rate of $20 per hour.

DUES are set annually for the Senior Membership and all others classifications are billed at a percentage per the Constitution Article V, Section 2

**** New Member Incentive – The Olcott Yacht Club’s Board of Directors has
approved a membership incentive of ½ price dues to “First Time” new Senior and
Associate members joining during our 2022 season ****

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