Founded in 1920, Olcott Yacht Club is located on the southern shore of beautiful Lake Ontario.  Our members come from all walks of life and do not have to own a boat, or even be thinking about buying a boat to belong.  They spread the excitement of sailing and boating through the area through youth and adult sailing instruction, club racing, and various club gatherings and events.


  • Visit the "Photo Albums" page to view photographs from the 8/1 LYRA 2020 Olcott Race taken from the Olcott pier.  In addition, visit Ed Goodnight's Flickr album to view the boats round the Wilson "P" mark (taken from the Wilson pier), as well as the boats from Youngstown.

  • OYC has a new phone number: 716.638.4378​

  • The Southshore Solstice Cruise/Race (June 19-20) has been completed.  Click on the link above for results!  View photographs in "Photo Albums" including aerial shots by Jason Cramer.

1/2 Price dues special for first- time new members in 2020!

Organized in 1920  . . .

 “. . . To encourage the sport of yachting, promote the science of Seamanship and Navigation; and provide a suitable Club House and Anchorage for the recreation and use of its members.”

The Constitution of the Olcott Yacht Club

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